Watch to learn about parking at FBC




parking at FBC

There is plenty of handicap parking around the church. Look for the signs.

Below are pictures of parking spaces available to FBC on Sundays.

crosswalk Parking lot

This is the main parking lot for FBC.

It is located on Buncombe St. between 5th and 6th avenues.

Henderson COunty

Board of Education

On Sundays, there is plenty of parking behind the school board building at 414 4th Avenue West.

curb market

The Curb Market is a short walk from FBC.  There are over 100 parking spots available to our church on Sundays in their lot on Washington St. and 2nd Avenue West.

Dogwood Parking Lot

On Sundays, there is a lot of parking in the Dogwood city lot across Washington St. from the church.  Park in the blue spots only.  Do not park in the red or green spots. They are reserved by the city.


On Sundays, you can park behind the public library at 301 N. Washington St..

Hendersonville Post Office

The post office is our soon-to-be parking lot.  On Sundays, parking is available now in front and behind the present building at 427 5th Avenue West.

shamburger architecture

On Sundays, there is parking in the gravel lot behind this building at 421 5th Avenue West.