North American Partners

FBC is committed to Reaching the Unreached Nations right here in our own country. Presently we are involved in outreach in the US to people from Central Asia. We are also committed to the Annie Armstrong Offering with the work of the North American Mission Board. Each year our annual support of missions through our budget and special offerings totals nearly 22% of all contributions.

Boston, MA

FBC Hendersonville partners with Church Planters in Boston, MA Watch the video below to hear about what God is doing in Boston during this time, and how we can be praying specifically for our brothers and sisters there. 


Disaster Relief Trips

Teams from FBC respond to call-outs from N.C. Baptist on Mission to cooperate in relief and recovery efforts across the country.  Most recently we have assisted with relief and recovery efforts in eastern N.C., Texas, Florida, and Louisiana.   As we help individual families clean up and rebuild, we have the opportunity to pray with them in a time of crisis and share that they can have hope, even in the midst of disaster.  Training is available to enable us to serve in a variety of roles, from operating chainsaws, mud-out, and roof repair to feeding and chaplaincy. 

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Clarkston International Bible Church

Clarkston, Georgia

God is bringing the nations to Clarkston, Georgia!  Each year, thousands of refugees come to the U.S. legally and are resettled in the Atlanta area.  Jesus said that we are to invite the stranger in (Matt. 25:35).   CIBC is reaching out to refugees, sharing the gospel and meeting needs.  In order to support the work of CIBC, our church makes regular trips to Clarkston, including conducting children’s programs and community outreach events.   We also partner with missionaries in the Clarkston area to work with our adopted Unreached People Group (see International Missions). Learn more about this ministry by clicking here.

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