International missions board

FBC partners with the IMB through equipping, sending, and supporting missionaries around the world. If you are interested in serving with the IMB please contact Mitch Davis to get more information about our training and sending program.


International Missions

We are very involved with missions throughout the world with church planting movements and global disciple making. FBC is working in missions in Haiti, Russia, Honduras, Mexico, and Central Asia. We are also committed to the Lottie Moon Offering with the work of the International Mission Board.


Christian Agricultural

Mission Services- Steve revis

Our Mission is to first help provide Haitians with their physical needs.

In doing so, the hope is that they will be able to learn about the TRUE living water and never thirst again. To learn more- click here

Global Outreach Haiti

The Runks

The Global Outreach Haiti Mission is a multifaceted ministry meeting the needs of the total man with a commitment to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and providing potable water to the thirsty. The ultimate objective of all these ministries is to point people to the saving grace of Jesus. To learn more- click here.

Christian Community in Honduras

The vision of CCH is to see Honduras--one village, one church, and one soul at a time--transform into a godly nation who knows and worships our Lord Jesus Christ.  To learn more- click here.

To learn about the Gospel Stove- click here.

Russia Relief Foundation

Russian Relief Foundation is American Christians supporting and serving with Christian brothers and sisters in Russia to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. To learn more contact Terry at

Unreached People Group Missions

FBC is deeply committed to the "ends of the earth" ministries. This means seeking to reach even those in the hardest parts of the world. We are currently supporting and involved in work among unreached people groups (UPG's). If you would like to get more information on our UPG work and find out how you can be involved please contact Mitch Davis