Speak with a Minister

Our ministerial staff is committed to helping our church family and others as they meet the challenges of life or go through seasons of difficulty. If you have a need and would like to talk with someone feel free to contact us and we will do our best to meet with you or to make necessary referrals when appropriate.

Finding Hope: Counseling Referral Ministry

As Christians, we sometimes go through difficult times and need the focused care of trained professionals. Sometimes the most difficult step to take and yet the most important one is to ask for help. Once this step is taken the question quickly rises, “Where do I turn for help?” Contact us to get a list of Christian counseling centers and other community resources designed to answer this question. Keep in mind that there is a cost for counseling services provided (Available by contacting individual counseling centers.) This information comes with our prayers that God will bring His grace, strength, and healing power into your life in days to come.

Christian Counseling

 & Education

For more assistance, visit the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation website here.