With so many Sunday School classes to choose from, the list can be overwhelming. Click the button below to fill out a form and a First Baptist staff member will help connect you with a class. Click the addme for more details.


  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | All Ages

    Location:  Fellowship Hall

    Description: Our membership is co-ed and includes members who are married and single. Ages range from around 50 and up. The average class size is 65-70 in attendance. Our Bible study comes from Lifeway and is designed to study all the books of the Bible in an 8-year period. We have a rotation of 3-4 teachers.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Adults | Special Needs

    Location:  A-100

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Married | 20-40

    Location:  C-302

    Description: On Sunday mornings our class prays for each other and discusses last week’s sermon, but we also get together in addition to Sundays. We range from singles to families with teenagers to retirees.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Coed | 20-30

    Location:  High School Snack Bar (Crosswalk Student Center)

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Married | 30-40

    Location:  A-100

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 30-50

    Location:  E-530

    Description: This class reads verse by verse through a book of the Bible and has group discussion (very interactive). 

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 30+

    Location:  E-546

    Description: This class is lecture and discussion based – using various topics.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 40+

    Location:  C-301

    Description: This class is lecture based offering discussion. We use topic based curriculum from Lifeway – Bible Studies for Life.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Married | 40-50

    Location:  E-560

    Description: This is a couples class. We are topical based and very interactive with a rotation of teachers.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 50+

    Location:  C-304

    Description: Our class studies Books of the Bible on a verse-by-verse basis using a combination of lecture and focused discussion on the verses and their meanings. We are strongly committed to prayer for members, families and friends during each class and during the week via communication from our Prayer Leader. We have an open, welcoming atmosphere for visitors and prospects and have regular fellowship opportunities outside the class. Our class consists of couples and singles age 50 and above.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 50+

    Location:  E-537

    Description: Jeff Hilliard facilitates topical studies, encouraging class participation, to discuss how we can apply God’s Word in addressing life’s events and challenges. Mark Searcy leads studies exploring books of the Bible, also encouraging class participation, going verse-by-verse to dig deeper into Scripture to understand its meaning and how we can apply God’s Word to our everyday lives.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 60+

    Location:  C-110

    Description: We are “Seniors with Spunk!” We have an in depth Bible study with lecture and discussion involving historical context and timely application. Our goal is to grow in Christ, love one another and share Christ with others.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 60+

    Location:  C-303

    Description: This class is lecture based on various biblical topics.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Women | 50+

    Location:  Conference Room 2

    Description: If you are looking for a small, more traditional women’s Sunday School class, the "Sisters in Christ" class may be for you.  Our class is comprised of women from many walks of life in the 45 years and up range. You can feel very comfortable to contribute your thoughts in our Bible study. Come join us!

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | All Ages

    Location:  C-300

    Description: The Bible Fellowship Class consists of adult couples and singles from 40s to 80s. Led by Ed Prather, the Word is studied book by book, verse by verse with topical studies in between.  Questions and discussions are encouraged as members learn together. Our focus is to grow our members depth in the Bible while sharing in Christian fellowship at the same time.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Men | 60+

    Location:  C-114

    Description: This is a senior men’s class that uses the "Explore the Bible" curriculum.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Women | 60+

    Location:  Chapel 206

    Description: The Fellowship Class is guided by the Explore the Bible series from Lifeway Adults.


With so many Sunday School classes to choose from, the list can be overwhelming. Click the button below to fill out a form and a First Baptist staff member will help connect you with a class. Click the addme for more details.


  • Gender/Age Demographic: Married | 20-30

    Location:  C-301

    Description: This class if for young married couples starting out, with or without small kids. 

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Men | 20s

    Location:  E-530

    Description: This is a single men’s class, ages 21-35 that meets in the Green Building (Annex). We use a quarterly book studying various books of the Bible.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Women | 25-35

    Location:  E-560

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Coed | All ages

    Location:  C-300

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 40+

    Location:  C-114

    Description: “The Transitions Class” teaches from the Books of the Bible using the church quarterly.  We are for everyone for the young to the young at heart and we enjoy laughing. Our average age tends to change with new members but right now range from 50 to 80 years young. We’d love for you to worship and study God’s word with us. You will be welcomed and loved.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 50+

    Location:  A-200B

    Description: This class is group discussion based and a small group that is very interactive.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 70+

    Location:  C-302

    Description: This class uses the "Explore the Bible" curriculum.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Married | 50+

    Location:  E-539

    Description: We are a prayer-based class trying to understand how God’s Word applies to our lives today. We use the "Explore the Bible" curriculum.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 50+

    Location:  E-542

    Description: We are co-ed, and welcome singles and couples. Most attendees are in the 50’s and above age range, although all are welcome. Our method of study is primarily discussion. We use a topical based Lifeway curriculum called "Bible Studies for Life".

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Women | 60+

    Location:  E-550

    Description: This class is women who study the lesson during the week and participate in class discussion. The primary questions asked in each lesson is: what was said, who was it said to, and how does God want us to apply this to our daily walk with Him.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Married | 20-30

    Location:  A-100

    Description: This class consists of younger couples and is discussion based.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | All Ages

    Location:  Fellowship Hall

    Description: The "Cornerstone Bible Class" meets in the Fellowship Hall at 10:30am each Sunday. Ken Wooten leads the class through a verse-by-verse study of the books of the Bible. This class is lecture based in a classroom setting.

  • Gender/Age Demographic: Co-Ed | 40+

    Location:  Chapel

    Description: Come and be blessed in the "Salt & Light Class". We participate with in-depth Bible Study, make new friends in care groups, and serve with class projects, all while learning and laughing and enjoying the fellowship. This class uses the "Explore the Bible" curriculum.